Puppy Training

Training overview

Our puppy classes use a group training approach to get your dog’s education started right. Using positive reinforcement, you and your puppy will work in a group environment to teach basic puppy manners, patience, and socialization. By attending our puppy classes, you’ll learn how to communicate with your dog successfully from the start.

Age Requirements

Vaccination Requirements

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How it Works

Group classes are held once weekly for six weeks. We keep our group classes small to help your puppy build essential socialization skills while also giving you a vital set of positive reinforcement techniques to help “puppy-proof” every situation! 

Each week, dogs will receive supervised socialization time to help each pup understand how to be around other dogs and their human companions, too. In addition, each week we will add commands to you and your pups vocabulary.


Our 6-week group puppy class is $195 per pup. By enrolling in group puppy classes, you will help set the foundation for your dogs future learning success. As an added benefit, graduates from our puppy classes will receive 20% when they secure their spot in an advanced obedience program.