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In 2023, Canine Academy was featured by Bloomberg as the World’s Greatest Dog Trainer – Best Canine Companions. Canine Academy is a premier dog training facility located 20 minutes outside of Columbus in Lancaster, Ohio. The driving force behind Canine Academy is their passion for positively impacting the lives of their clients and their dogs, taking pride in ensuring that every dog that comes to campus is happy, safe, healthy, and well-educated.

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Basic Dog Obedience Training with Off-Leash Results that Last

Servicing all of the Columbus, Ohio Area

Canine Academy is the best dog trainer in Columbus, combining professional training with a retreat-like experience for your pup. We specialize in basic obedience and public access training, delivered through a board and train or small group lessons package. Canine Academy focuses on both dog and owner education with the goal of getting your dog off-leash in as little as 90-days. Our training system strengthens the bond between dog and owner, unlocking a new lifestyle for both. 

We help owners understand where their dog’s behavior comes from and how to reduce those unwanted behaviors through positive e-collar stimulation. Our training methodology has been proven for over 30 years and works for dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. 

Our trainers are best in class, with a variety of training backgrounds and experience training over 1000 dogs, combined. 

During any of our training programs, you will work directly with your dedicated trainer, addressing specific behavioral concerns and teaching your dog basic commands such as staying in place and not charging doorways. Our off-leash results unlock a new level of freedom for you and your dog, allowing you both to enjoy new experiences together that would have otherwise not been possible.

At the end of our program, you can expect your dog to be obedient, off-leash, and distraction proof. 

Meet Your Match

Which Program is Right for You?

Choose the option that’s best for you! 

Our Basic Obedience Camp is a board and train program that helps your dog master basic obedience while getting rid of unwanted behaviors like jumping, leash-pulling, and running through open doors. During this intensive residence program, we treat your pet like family. Your dedicated trainer works 1:1 with your dog daily to teach them basic obedience commands. 

While there is no such thing as a quick fix in dog training, our program is designed to give you fast results, along with the support that you need to establish long-lasting habits for lifelong success.

We offer two types of training for your puppy - small group classes and socialization stay and train programs.

With the help of a dedicated trainer, your and your puppy will learn to safely socialize and manage unwanted puppy behavior.

During your chosen program Puppy Foundations program, you’ll tackle topics such as crate training, housebreaking, chewing, biting and other puppy behaviors. You’ll also learn how to start treat training with your dog to establish a healthy and happy bond from the start.

Canine Academy’s Positive E Collar training methodology produces consistent and reliable results in managing dog reactivity. Once you control and reduce reactivity, you also learn to neutralize the risk of aggression. All of this is thanks to the confidence building nature of our training.

We teach your dog what is expected of it, and we teach you how to predict your dog’s behavior. Canine Academy does not use fear. pain or dominance in training. More often than not, using these techniques a reactive dog will escalate the issue. 

There is no more powerful tool than basic obedience to help you manage your pet’s anxiety. Positive experience training builds confidence, and focuses mental energy. This prevents dangerous and destructive behavior when you’re away.

As with any dog training, there’s no such thing as a quick fix. Our program is designed to support you and your dog – starting today – to help you manage separation anxiety, build your dog’s confidence through separation, and improve your bond. 

Our Campus

Dog Obedience Training FAQs

What is the fastest way to a well-trained dog?

While dogs can learn a lot of new commands in a short period of time, there’s no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to your dog’s training. It takes any dog about 90 days to consistently establish new expectations as routine “muscle memory.” 

In as little as one week using Columbus Dog Trainer Canine Academy’s proprietary Positive E Collar Training method, you will see improved behavior, no matter which program you choose. Our board and train program promises off-leash results in just 8 days. Additionally, all of our programs include built-in support from your dedicated dog behaviorist during the full 90-day adoption period. It’s no wonder we’re considered the best dog trainers Ohio has to offer! 

Can E Collars really be used in positive experience training?

Yes! But it depends on how you use them. An intense static shock is obviously an unpleasant experience for any dog. However, our positive E Collar training method relies on a very low level stimulus to act as a signal for communication between owner and dog. Because the level is just enough for the dog to notice the new stimulus, the dog feels no pain or discomfort. Our dog obedience training teaches the dog that the stimulus means good things – not bad. Like Pavlov’s bell, an E Collar paired with a treat can have pup’s mouth watering in just a few days. 

What area do you serve?

Columbus Dog Trainer – Canine Academy – offers our services to Central Ohio. Our campus is located in Lancaster Ohio, a short drive from Central Ohio and the Hocking Hills region. Our professional dog trainers can also provide in-home lessons in the Columbus, Ohio region and Lancaster, Ohio. 

Why should I invest in basic obedience training?

A well-mannered dog makes for a fulfilling life for both pet and owner. As few as seven commands that are well-learned and practiced can help you navigate almost any situation with your dog. The structure that basic obedience provides offers off-leash freedom that most leashed dogs will never experience, creating a stronger bond between dog and owner. 

Basic obedience also acts to modify your dog’s behavior and will create confidence and structure to help you manage dog reactivity and separation anxiety. 

Our professional dog trainers are well versed in working with a variety of behavioral challenges your dog might have. Our behavioral assessment helps us better understand your dog’s current behavior so we can create a customized training program to address specific areas of concern. 

Is basic dog obedience training right for me my pup?

Any dog can benefit from basic obedience training – there’s no such thing as a dog who’s too old, too energetic, or too stubborn to learn. As your dog becomes more predictable, gains an outlet for excess mental energy, and deepens its bond with you, you can benefit from the peace of mind of a good boy or girl. 

What is the success rate of positive ecollar training? What results should I expect from your dog training?

Every dog must pass our strict graduation standards prior to completing our intensive dog obedience training. These standards include sit, down, place, off, off-leash walk, come, and waiting at the door, all under high level of distraction. But passing our standards is not enough; our professional Columbus dog trainers also support you over the course of 90 days to continue to improve you and your dog’s skills. Most of our customers say that they get regular compliments on their dog’s obedience when out and about in Columbus, Ohio. 

What behaviors does Canine Academy address?

There isn’t a behavioral issue or concern that we would consider unaddressable. The key to any behavioral change in a dog is understanding how those conditioned responses are developed and introducing the dog to new and better responses, instead. For example, if a dog is used to running to the door when they hear the doorbell, we can adjust this behavior through consistent repetition and train them to have a different response, such as going to their bed. 

Our professional Columbus, Ohio dog trainers have, combined, trained thousands of dogs of varying breeds, ages, and behavioral dispositions. Our training programs include a Behavioral Assessment that we will use to tailor our training approach and eliminate those specific unwanted behaviors on a case-by-case basis.  

Which package should I choose?

The most important thing to consider when choosing a program at Canine Academy is how involved in the training process you want to be. Small group lessons involve you every step of the way – teaching you to be a master dog trainer, but also requiring more time. Board and train packages bring your dog’s obedience training to the off-leash stage; all that’s left for you to do is practice and maintain your dog’s new obedience skills. 

Whichever package you choose, our professional Columbus dog trainers will be with you every step of the way, ensuring your dog will get the off-leash freedom they deserve. 

Our Dog Obedience Training Process

Training Program Selection

Our team works directly with you to understand any current behavioral challenges you are experiencing with your pup. Then, we help you select the right package to meet your goals.

Dog & Owner Training

Once you are enrolled in a program, the training begins! We set aside dedicated time for both dog and owner training. This ensures that each owner is able to replicate our training methodology at home. 

Maintain Your Training

Once you have the tools to be successful with your dog’s training, consistency is key. Graduates have access to resources including trainer follow-ups and free group-classes to keep your pup’s new skills sharp.

About Columbus Dog Trainer | Canine Academy

Canine Academy Columbus: Training Standard of Excellence

Canine Academy Columbus is Ohio’s best Basic Dog Obedience Program, offering  training options to best suit your needs. 

Our dog training options range from a full “board and train program” to independent study through private lessons with a dedicated trainer. The product that’s right for you depends on 3 things: how involved you want to be during phase 1 of training, your dog’s personality, and your training goals. 

Canine Academy Columbus provides functional dog obedience skills with off-leash control. Our proprietary Positive E Collar methodology uses an e collar in a nontraditional way, to enhance the communication between dog and owner. This approach improves the dog and human bond and produces better training outcomes that are life-long. Learn more about our results here!

Our system relies on positive reinforcement, where the desired results elicit a reward (affection) for the dog. We believe that you can train a dog for obedience without causing the dog any physical or emotional pain through an e collar. Instead, by using low level stimulus, you can communicate with your dog. This new stimulus allows you to communicate at distances that your voice alone cannot achieve.

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