Canine Academy Owners

Canine Academy was originally established as Top Dog Training by Terry Cook in 2019. At that time, Terry married his 30-year training career to his dream property in Lancaster, OH. A few years later, Terry partnered with a new ownership team to ensure his legacy of the highest training standards would continue. Terry is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement in sunny Florida while his tradition as the best dog trainer in Columbus Ohio continues.

Canine Academy’s Ownership Team

Canine Academy is led by Emily Saving, Beth Britt, and Nikki Cupp; three operational leaders with unconditional love of dogs. Always uncompromising in quality and value of work, the team is now eager to turn their focus on delivering the best dog training and care in Central Ohio.

Emily Saving

Prior to Canine Academy, I worked as the Executive Vice President of a nonprofit company. The mission-focused work really resonated with me, finding a way to give voice to issues and people who needed amplification.

I’ve experienced firsthand the way a life can be shaped when you have love for a dog who struggles with obedience, how limiting for the both of you it can be. I think there is no better way to put my advocacy skills to work than to help our community understand that a dog’s improvement in behavior will, ultimately, increase the dog’s AND their owner’s quality of life. It’s a win-win! Aside from the obvious dog-related charms of working at Canine Academy, I really enjoy creating a company that I am proud to work at, one which grows employees with new skills sets and rewards our employees for living our values. I am beyond excited to put my stamp on a company with a mission to make the lives of pets and their owners better, and do so in a way that also makes the lives of our employees and their families better. I still can’t believe that I get to walk around a farm giving dogs pets and treats all day. Is it possible that my eight year old self really did manifest my perfect job?!

Outside of Canine Academy, my daughters, husband and I like to spend time doing anything outdoors with our pup Leroy.

Beth Britt

I have spent most of my career in the sciences: first as a research and development chemist, and then applying the scientific method to business and process improvement at a large scientific equipment manufacturer. Improvement (of technology, of operations, and of myself) has always been my driving force.

My pets play a central role in my life, and I have firsthand experience at how their behavior can impact my own freedom. Even as an invested and responsible pet owner, managing a reactive dog without professional help limited my ability to go out or to invite friends and family into my home. I’m passionate about the improvement in quality of life obedience training can provide. From the moment I stepped foot on campus at Canine Academy, I was hooked. The passion that our team has for their work is palpable, the training results are truly amazing, and the scenery is beautiful to boot. It felt immediately like home, and I could imagine the impact that my skillset could have on the future of the business. The best part of my work is the opportunity to involve my dogs in my day. I have joked for years that I work hard to provide a better life for my pets, and I think we’re finally on the right track!

As the resident manager, when I’m not at Canine Academy you can find me with my husband and two adorable dogs exploring the great outdoors in our camper, particularly during (mushroom) hunting season.

woman with two golden retrievers

Nikki Cupp

I’ve been in digital performance marketing most of my career.  As consumers continue to shift towards digital journey’s, my focus is ensuring a positive and consistently high level of customer experience during every touchpoint with a brand. 

As an owner of two ornery pups, I recognized early that structure and rules give you and your dogs freedom to enjoy new experiences together without the worry or stress of your dogs misbehaving. Proper obedience training is the first step in unlocking this potential and I feel passionate about helping dog owners reach this potential as well. Canine Academy is so much more than just a dog training business – its an opportunity for us to create real, meaningful, and tangible benefits in our customer’s lives. Helping to create a business that stands by its values while fulfilling our customer promises is rewarding in a way I have yet to experience in my career. The best part of working at Canine Academy is seeing the passion, care, and commitment our employees embody in everything they do. We would not be who we are today without our incredible team and I am consistently impressed and proud of the work they do.

Outside of Canine Academy, I enjoy spending time with family or loading up my two Golden Retrievers to explore a new area.