The key to unlocking confidence, happiness, and communication between pet and owner is proper obedience training. Canine Academy uses a proprietary Positive E Collar Training methodology to teach basic obedience to your furry friend. We know that choosing the right professionals to care for your dog is not an easy decision. At Canine Academy, we are committed to creating an environment in which both you and your dog will thrive. 

We recognize that every dog is different, and we designed our packages to meet your dog where they are today. Canine Academy has refined our training techniques with over 30 years of practice training dogs of all sizes, ages, breeds, and dispositions. Our mission is to create happy dog owners and confident canines by improving the bond between the two.

Our Training Approach

Canine Academy provides functional obedience skills with off-leash control. Our proprietary Positive E Collar methodology uses an e collar in a nontraditional way, to enhance the communication between dog and owner. Improved communication creates trust and increases the effectiveness of the training outcomes.

Our E Collar methodology relies on positive reinforcement, wherein the desired results elicit a positive reward for the dog. Combined with both praise and command, an e collar can aid obedience training without causing the dog any physical pain. In our method, you’ll use low level stimulus to communicate with your dog from distances that your voice alone cannot achieve. All of this is possible while making your dog’s tail wag instead of causing distress. Your newfound skills will unlock an even better quality of life for you and your dog.

Effective dog training is the first step, but it will only produce lasting results when paired with effective owner training. As part of each of our training programs, we provide you with the resources that you need to succeed long-term. Our goal is to teach you how to communicate with your dog effectively and anticipate potential distractions. Ultimately, you’ll be able to combine basic obedience skills to master any off-leash situation. 

The Canine Academy Care Team

We know your pup is family, and we have a passion for extending the same level of care and love towards your pet at our home. The Canine Academy Care Team is committed to providing the highest standard of service to every pet at our facility. This team works around the clock to ensure your pup is content, loved, and feeling right at home.

We characterize our kennel standards with our 5 C Promise: Cleanliness, Comfort, Care, Communication, and Contentment.

Our Property

Located in Lancaster, OH and serving the greater Columbus area, Canine Academy is situated on 7 acres of green landscape. Regular exercise is critical to effective training outcomes. With large play fields and private hiking trails, our property provides plenty of access to fresh air and exercise.

Why We Consider Obedience Training Necessary

We believe that a well-trained dog is the key to unlocking confidence, happiness, and communication between pet and owner. Obedience training is critical in managing your dog’s behavior, whether your dog is at home or in public. It’s also the most important input into creating a peaceful coexistence between your dog and the world around them.  A well-trained dog is a happy dog!

Our obedience training emphasizes building trust and consistency between dog and owner. This trust enables you to communicate with your dog at a distance and off leash to create a safe environment. Proper obedience training also gives your pup structure and purpose and reduces anxiety. Basic obedience training yields confidence, happiness, and a strong bond between dog and owner.  If you’ve ever wondered how to more effectively communicate with your canine – positive reinforcement obedience training is the answer.

Why Should You Consider Our Training?

Canine Academy is committed to helping you meet your training goals for life. In order to maintain your dog’s training, every owner must have the tools necessary to transition back to daily life. We provide every graduate with access to our training and support library as well as our free group classes for life.

Dogs can only be successfully trained when they have access to regular exercise and affection. While on our campus, we structure your dog’s day with play time, learning, and belly rubs. We’ll ensure that your dog’s stay is both nurturing and educational. Graduates are always excited to see us again at follow-up!

Each dog on our property has a “retreat-like” experience with ample opportunity to socialize and enjoy our on-site hiking trails. This is not only fun and enriching for your dog, it also creates the best environment for your dog’s learning to be successful. Group play is important, but one on one affection is also critical to ensuring your dog feels comfortable, safe, and bonded to learn. While our training team is focused on your dog’s learning goals, our dedicated care team spends time with every dog individually to ensure they are comfortable and loved.

Our Packages

We offer several customized packages dependent on the needs of you and your canine. Every dog in our training programs must meet or exceed our training standards, so we work closely with you to ensure your training goals are met.

Packages Include:


At the end of the training, your dog will be able to execute basic obedience commands including:

  • Sit, down, and place (with implied stay)
  • Come to heel when called
  • Walking on leash
  • Walking off-leash with defined radius
  • “All Done!” (release command)
  • “Off” with redirect (command to stop unwanted behavior)
  • Stay in a spot until released

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