When you have to leave your furry friend behind, you can trust Canine Academy to offer the highest quality care. Our 7-acre property is a dog haven, with over a mile of private trails and two acres of play fields. With a dedicated care team and around-the-clock supervision, your dog’s health, comfort and safety are our priority.

Included in Your Dog’s Stay

You can count on us to make sure your pet is having a great time during their stay. We consider physical exercise, mental stimulation, and affection needs when we plan his or her stay with us. We provide hands-on care from 7:00 AM until 11:00 PM, including:

  • Administering food, supplements, and medications according to your instruction
  • Three or more daily walks on private trails
  • Two or more opportunities to play alone or supervised with doggy friends
  • 1:1 enrichment, including brushing, puzzle toys, extra sniff walks, or a game of fetch.
  • Daily updates from our care team
  • A private room for restful sleep, cleaned daily for health and comfort
  • Plenty of access to the great outdoors for potty breaks as needed.

The rate for nightly boarding is $60 ($75 for dogs under 5 months). Daycare stays are also available at $40 daily.

Property Overview

Located in Lancaster, OH and serving the greater Columbus area, Canine Academy is situated on 7 acres of green landscape. A short drive from Columbus and major suburbs brings you to an oasis, specifically designed with dogs in mind. To see more of our campus, check out our virtual tour below.

Canine Academy's Care Team Commitment

We know your pup is family, and we have a passion for extending the same level of care and love towards your pet at our home. The Canine Academy Care Team commits to providing the highest standard of service to every dog at our facility. With fewer than 20 kennels on site, our Care Team gets to know each dog individually.

This team works around the clock to ensure your pup is content, loved, and feeling right at home.

Standards of Care
  • We feed dogs their preferred food as their owners instruct, and always give access to fresh water from a clean bowl.
  • Dogs love treats, and we love to give them. But we treat allergies and food sensitivities with the highest seriousness.
  • We administer medicine on time, every time.
Standards of Cleanliness
  • Our team cleans kennels daily, spot clean them as needed and deep clean twice weekly.
  • We spot clean dogs as needed to ensure their comfort and heath.
  • Before they go home, we give each dog a bath to ensure they go home clean.
Standards of Comfort
  • We ensure that kennels are temperature controlled to maintain a comfortable environment.
  • Further, we adjust noise and lighting to optimize the comfort of our dogs.
Standards of Contentment
  • An active dog is a happy dog. Dogs receive at least THREE walks per day. Additionally, those who enjoy socialization participate in two long playgroups daily.
  • A stimulated dog is a happy dog. We provide toys, puzzles, kongs and activities to keep the dogs minds occupied.
  • A loved dog is a happy dog. Our team provides endless hugs, treats, cuddles, scratches, brushes and company to our dogs.
Standards of Communication
  • Our team proactively communicates non-urgent updates daily. 
  • Further, We will communicate with the dog owner at the first sign of trouble.
  • The care team will always respond in a timely fashion to your questions.

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