Training For Separation Anxiety

Domesticated dogs by nature prefer the companionship of their owners. While your dog may seem perfectly content and happy in your presence, they may also howl relentlessly or chew everything in sight to express their displeasure when you’re not around. Canine separation anxiety is a set of behaviors that can occur in some dogs when their owners, or “pack,” are absent. These behaviors can include destruction, vocalization, attempts to escape, or frequent urination/defecation. A dog with true separation anxiety is a dog that is in a state of panic about being left alone, or without the individual that they have formed a hyper-attachment to.

Without the owner present, the dog becomes uncertain of what their “job” is supposed to be. This uncertainty can stem from a lack of confidence and/or fear. Dogs suffering from this type of distress are unlikely to overcome the behavior without professional intervention. The worst response in this situation is to assume that the dog will “work it out on their own,” as this will only intensify your dogs panicked response. Instead, working on building confidence and teaching your dog how to behave when you’re away will help to alleviate distress.

Professional obedience training is the key to building your dog’s confidence and reducing their anxiety. Canine Academy’s obedience training emphasizes building trust and consistency in order to establish the ability to communicate with your dog. Proper obedience training also gives your pup structure and purpose. They will quickly understand what is expected of them and know how to please their owner as a result. This structure reduces anxiety while simultaneously building confidence and happiness, and strengthening the bond between dog and owner.

Canine Academy also firmly believes that successful dog training can only happen with a repeated sequence of exercise, obedience, and affection. While on our campus, your dog’s day will be structured with play time, learning, and belly rubs. Our history of dog training expertise combined with our 7-acre property and dedicated Care Team ensures your dog’s experience is both nurturing and educational.

Canine Academy’s Positive Reinforcement E Collar training methodology has produced consistent and reliable results in eliminating separation anxiety by working on building confidence, creating structure, and teaching your dog how to behave both in your presence and while you are away.

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Training overview

Canine Academy recommends our Board and Train package for any owner seeking to reduce their dogs separation anxiety. In this program, our campus will act as your dog’s home away from home while they are in training. Your dedicated trainer will work 1:1 with your dog, creating a customized training experience based on your dog’s needs. Prior obedience experience is not required

Pricing & Enrollment

This package includes a stay at our facilities with a dedicated trainer, a customer go-home lesson and access to our training and support library, a follow-up onsite lesson with your trainer, lifetime group classes, and a remote e-collar you will take home with you. Please contact us for pricing and enrollment dates.