Build Your Own Training Package

Build Your Own Package Questionnaire

Tell us more about your training goals and we will tailor a training package to help you achieve them!

Training overview

Your dog and goals are unique, and our team of dedicated trainers is standing by to help you master basic obedience together and eliminate nuisance behaviors. At the end of this program, you’ll have a usable set of skills to communicate with your canine companion for life. While there is no such thing as a quick fix in dog training, our programs are designed to give you fast results, along with the support that you need to establish long-lasting habits for lifelong success.

With the opportunity to Build Your Own Training Package, you tell us your goals and biggest challenges, and we’ll propose a program to achieve those goals within your budget.

Training Results 

At the end of this specialized program, your dog will have useful and reliable obedience skills under distraction, for a duration of time, and at a distance from their handler. The curriculum will focus on your behavioral prioirities. You’ll have an understanding of how to reinforce your dog’s training for life.

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Recommended For

We recommend our Build Your Own Training Program for any dog over 5 months old, whether in need of manners, or whether suffering from anxiety or reactivity.

Skills Learned

Canine Academy teaches the following skills under high levels of doggy distraction. While planning the Build Your Own Program, you’ll work with our experts to identify your priorities, and the skills that will improve your life the most.

  • Sit when asked
  • Hold in sit when handler walks away
  • Hold in sit around distraction
  • Laying down when asked
  • Hold in down when handler walks away
  • Hold in down under distraction
  • Come when called and relax within petting distance
  • Come when called from a distraction
  • Go to place and stay when handler walks away
  • Stay on place when everyone leaves room
  • Stay on place with distractions around
  • Walking on left side in heel position on loose leash
  • Maintaining heel when passing a distraction
  • Sits and remains sitting when handler greets person
  • Walk off-leash with handler demonstrating control over dog
  • Sit by door and hold sit until given signal to go through door
  • Understanding of the release command in all situations noted above

Further, your trainer will ensure you the owner can:

  • Use basic obedience skills to communicate with your dog
  • Anticipate and redirect distractions and unwanted behavior from your dog
  • Build healthy habits for lifelong success

How the Build Your Own Program Works

The Canine Academy Positive E Collar training method is broken down into five phases

Phase 1: Tell Us About Your Dog

Complete our 5- minute assessment of your dog’s personality, motivations and behavior, as well as your goals. Using this information, we will propose a detailed training plan for your review.

Phase 2: Learn the Basics

Using a combination of on-campus stays, 1:1 lessons, group learning, and in-home guidance, you and your dog will learn to communicate via the language of basic obedience. Our experienced trainers will execute your personalized training plan, and share a wealth of resources to support your success.

Phase 3: Build New Habits for Life

Your first 90 days after training are critical to establishing long-term habits for both you and your dog. All of our training programs include planned follow-ups during those 90 days. These follow up sessions will support your lifetime success, focusing on consistency and application of new skills.

Further, you retain access to our online support library for life.

Pricing & Enrollment

This package is priced based on your budget and goals. Prior to the start of training, you will have the opportunity to review and approve the complete training and support plan, which may include a stay at our campus, 1:1 training sessions for you and your dog on campus or in-home, group learning, and ongoing support. Financing is available for this training program – click here for more information!