Dog Training vs Behavioral Modifcation

Dog training refers to the process of teaching your dog specific responses to specific conditions or commands. When you’re teaching your pup to sit, come, or stay in a place, you’re participating in dog training. At its heart, dog training revolves around teaching dogs obedience commands and skills they can use in their daily lives. 

Many dog training methods use positive experience methods to encourage correct behavior, a technique that Canine Academy champions. Positive training involves rewarding your furry friend when they perform the desired behavior, like giving a treat or affection when your dog successfully obeys the ‘sit’ command. This positive association makes your dog more likely to repeat the desired behavior in the future.

Delving Deeper: Behavioral Modification

Behavioral modification, on the other hand, involves changing a dog’s reaction to a specific situation, person, or object in their environment. This is more about the dog’s learning reaction rather than their skills. The goal of behavioral modification is to replace an inappropriate behavior with an acceptable one. 

For instance, if your dog exhibits reactivity in the form of growling, snarling, or lunging when they see another dog during a walk, a behavioral modification program would aim to change this reaction. The goal might be to get your dog to focus on you or to remain calm and ignore the other dog.

In behavioral modification, we also use LIMA (least invasive, minimally aversive) training techniques. However, it may also involve techniques like desensitization (gradually increasing exposure to a fear-inducing situation) and counterconditioning (changing an emotional response or behavior to a trigger). 

Training and Behavior Modification

While dog training and behavioral modification are different, they’re interconnected parts of a whole—like the two paws of your furry friend.

Both dog training and behavioral modification build a healthier, happier bond between you and your pup. They both rely on understanding and communication, ensuring your dog knows what to expect from you and vice versa. 

At Canine Academy, we recognize the importance of both training and behavioral modification. Our professional trainers are skilled in teaching obedience and addressing behavioral issues. Our goal is to ensure you and your dog can enjoy a peaceful, understanding, and love-filled life together.


Both dog training and behavioral modification play vital roles in shaping your dog’s actions and reactions, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling, harmonious relationship between you and your canine companion.

They are two sides of the same coin, and together they create a balanced, well-adjusted dog. At Canine Academy, our expert trainers strive to provide a blend of these two approaches as needed, teaching your pup not just to obey commands, but also to navigate their emotional world effectively.

After all, dog training isn’t just about teaching your dog — it’s about understanding them better, too.

Whether your pup needs to learn the basics or needs help overcoming a behavioral hurdle, we’re here to lend a paw. Let’s work together to unlock a new level of freedom for both you and your furry friend!

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