Semi Private Lessons

Training overview

Our semi-private lesson program is a group obedience training program that aims to make you an expert dog handler.

With the help of a dedicated trainer, you and your dog learn basic commands while getting rid of unwanted behaviors like jumping, leash-pulling, and running through open doors. During this six-week program, you’ll meet weekly with your trainer and work directly with your dog in between lessons to help them build muscle memory via homework assignments and reinforce new skills directly in your home environment.

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Recommended for

We recommend this program for any dog who has not had prior obedience training. The semi-private lesson program is also ideal for any dog owner who is looking to build a better bond with their dog, and form better insights into their dog’s motivations and thought processes.  Finally, this program is ideal for the dog owner who has the time and energy to commit to participating in the daily homework assignments required to progress your dog through the curriculum.

Skills Learned

In our semi-private lesson program, you will learn how to teach your dog the following skills, including exercises to practice at home.

  • Sit when asked
  • Hold in sit when handler walks away
  • Hold in sit around distraction
  • Lay down when asked
  • Hold in down when handler walks away
  • Hold in down under distraction
  • Come when called and relax within petting distance
  • Come when called from a distraction
  • Go to place and stay when handler walks away
  • Stay on place when everyone leaves room
  • Stay on place with distractions around
  • Walking on left side in heel position on loose leash
  • Maintaining heel when passing a distraction
  • Sits and remains sitting when handler greets person
  • Walk off-leash with handler demonstrating control over dog
  • Sit by door and hold sit until given signal to go through door
  • Understanding of the release command in all situations noted above

How it Works

The Canine Academy Positive E Collar training method is broken down into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Grab Your Leash and Collar

Your dedicated trainer will teach you and your dog the basics of basic obedience through a series of six lessons. This will include an introduction to our remote e-collars, followed by an intensive weekly focus on a set of commands. Between each lesson, you'll have homework assignments to complete which solidify the dog's understanding of each command and builds a deep bond between owner and pet! 

Phase 2: Seek Out Challenge

Your final lesson focuses on how to put the commands all together to guide your dog through any situation or distraction. Your goal after the lessons conclude is to build confidence through repetition and exposure to new challenges.  You will have the opportunity to participate in two follow up phone calls with your trainer as you work to perfect you dog's obedience through daily repetition and usage.

Phase 3: Practice Makes Perfect 

90 days after training, our goal for you and your pup is that all commands are completed successfully 80-90% of the time and that you graduate from daily use of the e collar, using it only during high adrenaline or high-risk situations, such as off-leash walking. 

Pricing & Enrollment

This $650 package includes six small group lessons with a dedicated trainer, access to our training and support library,  and a remote e-collar you will take home with you. Please click on the link below to complete your pup’s enrollment!

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