Dog Obedience Training Columbus Ohio

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Canine Academy is Columbus Ohio’s best dog trainer specializing in positive experience dog training methodologies. We designed our training program to improve communication between dog and owner, leading to a happier life for both. 

Canine Academy offers a training plan designed to meet your dog’s needs and match your lifestyle. First, consider whether you have the time and energy to dedicate to giving your dog the new skills they need to be your best canine companion. If so, our group learning environment might be right for you. If you prefer to have one of our professional trainers work hands-on with your dog and coach your family through successful habit building, our board and train programs can accelerate your success.

Finally, consider your dog’s current behavior. Do you have a puppy? Are you struggling with symptoms of reactivity or separation anxiety? Or do you just want the reliable canine companion of your dreams? Our programs are specifically designed to support you in creating the canine companion you want, no matter your current state.

Columbus Dog Training Packages

Every dog in our training programs must meet or exceed our training standards. Before, during and after training, we work closely with you to ensure we meet your goals to provide the best dog obedience training in Columbus Ohio. 

Dog Training Packages Include: 


At the end of the training, your dog will have learned basic obedience commands including: 

  • Sit, down, and place (with implied stay) 
  • Come to heel when called 
  • Walking on leash 
  • Walking off-leash with defined radius 
  • “All Done!” (release command) 
  • “Off” with redirect (command to stop unwanted behavior) 
  • Stay in a spot until released 

Columbus Dog Training Commitment and Support:

Every dog leaving our  training classes must achieve a “good” or “excellent” result against our training standards. After the first phase of training is over, you can expect a progress report detailing your dogs performance against those commands. During the next 90 days, your trainer will guide you through even more improvement, offering support along the way. 

Further, our dog behaviorists commit to supporting your dog’s long-term obedience training success. Tuition includes scheduled follow-up appointments to make sure that your new dog training skills transition well to your home life. Finally, our trainers are available for support during scheduled office hours, and welcome all graduates back for free group dog training classes. Your skills will never go stale.

Our Dog Training Methods:

Our dog behaviorist trainers spend a lot of time getting to know what makes your dog tick. Positive experience dog training is about providing your dog with consistent rewards. Without treats in your pocket, our system motivates your dog through play and praise, ensuring dog obedience training sticks for life.

Beyond identifying the most effective reward for positive reinforcement, our dog trainers also use e collars to provide a very low-level stimulus during both commands and praise. Our proprietary Positive E Collar methodology enhances the communication between dog and owner. This enhanced communication builds trust and produces effective training outcomes. We believe that you can teach a dog obedience training without causing the dog any physical or emotional pain through an e collar.

Along with your leash, your voice and your nonverbal cues, your e collar is just another tool in your toolbox. But your e collar allows you to communicate with your dog at even longer distances. With your new tool and our dog obedience training methods, you’ll access a level of freedom in nature and in public access that may have seemed unachievable before. 

Testimonials from Our Customers

“We recently had our GSD go through the 10 day board and train and we can’t say enough good things about this program. Our Gunner went in as a pup with separation anxiety and behavior issues, and as turned into a gentleman! We will have to continue to work with him of course but having a solid foundation laid in place for him is exactly what we needed. They go over in detail all of the commands they teach your dog when picking them up on the last day and make sure you know how to execute each one with success. This program was money well spent!”

– Holly Daily, Columbus Ohio

“We are so happy with everything Coco learned at her 10 day board & train classes! We’ve always loved Coco but are very happy that she now has learned her manners! We can’t wait to see what else Coco is capable of learning!!!”

Mary Beth Schmidt Steininger, Columbus Ohio

“Pinot, our 10 month old Pitty, was quite the handful with her puppy energy, working mentality, and overall excitement levels. We were really contemplating professional training because of the stigma surrounding ecollars and only want the absolute best for her. That’s when a friend recommended Canine Academy after boarding their German shepherd there for training and had nothing but positive things to say about them. When we reached out to CA they went above and beyond to answer any questions we had and chatted with us as long as we wanted to ensure we had all of the information we could ever need to make an informed decision about boarding there – AND WE’RE SO HAPPY WE DID!
From drop off day to pickup, between their trainers and care team we received daily updates on our girl and could tell that she was having an absolute blast on their ranch. Alex was her trainer and we are so incredibly grateful for him and lucky to have him! He treated her as his own pup, and it was instantly clear how much love, trust and respect she had for him. Their bond was so heartwarming!
During her go home day, he spent hours working with us to ensure we felt comfortable handling her commands and using the ecollar correctly in the way that she understood. My concerns for using the ecollar went right out the window. The levels he was using to get her attention were so low that we could barely feel a thing. As he said, it’s a tap on her shoulder, and her response was very reassuring seeing how happy she was!

We could not recommend CA and Alex more.
This has brought us so much closer to our girl and will allow her to live so much more by joining us on all of our family adventures to come!

Did i mention we drove in from Michigan?!? 5 and a half hours to CA was more than worth it for us.

We have a lifetime connection and appreciation to those at Canine Academy.

If you’re on the fence like we were, do it. 🐶”

-Sara Bodner, Michigan

Dog Obedience Training FAQs

Is it OK to send your dog away for training?

While it’s natural and expected for both dogs and their humans to miss each other while apart, sending your dog away for training can have some very positive benefits for you dog.  The distance from your dog during their training can be a big boost to their confidence, which has shown to  improve their socialization skills and could even help with dogs who exhibit separation anxiety.  


It’s important that you find a dog trainer who offers the atmosphere and enrichment that makes your dog’s time away from home a positive experience with lasting benefits. Canine Academy’s lush 7-acre campus and Customer Commitment towards the health, safety and well-being of your dog can help you rest easy, knowing that while your dog is learning the basics of their training program they’re being spoiled around the clock by the most dedicated, dog-loving staff around.  

In as little as one week using Canine Academy’s proprietary Positive eCollar Training method, you’ll see improved behavior, no matter which program you choose. Our board and train program promises off-leash results in just 8 days. Additionally, all of our programs include built-in support from your dedicated trainer during the full 90 day adoption period. It’s no wonder we’re considered the best dog trainers Ohio has to offer! 

Can ecollars really be used in positive reinforcement?

Yes! But it depends on how you use them. An intense static shock is obviously an unpleasant experience for any dog. However, our positive ecollar training method relies on a very low level stimulus. Because the level is just enough for the dog to notice the new stimulus, the dog feels no pain. Our dog obedience training teaches the dog that the stimulus means good things – not bad. Like Pavlov’s bell, an ecollar paired with a treat can have pup’s mouth watering in a few days. 

What area do you serve?

Canine Academy offers dog obedience training in Ohio. Our campus is located in Lancaster Ohio, a short drive from Central Ohio and the Hocking Hills region. Our dog trainers can also provide in-home lessons in Columbus, Ohio and Lancaster, Ohio. 

Why should I invest in basic obedience training?

A well-mannered dog makes for a fulfilling life for both pet and owner. As few as seven commands, well-learned and practiced, can help you navigate almost any situation with your dog. The structure that basic obedience provides offers off-leash freedom that most leashed dogs will never experience. 


Basic obedience can also offer confidence and structure to help you manage dog reactivity and separation anxiety. 

Is basic dog obedience training right for me my pup?

Any dog can benefit from basic obedience training – there’s no such thing as a dog who’s too old, too energetic, or too stubborn to learn. As your dog becomes more predictable, gains an outlet for excess mental energy, and deepens its bond with you, you can benefit from the peace of mind of a good boy or girl. 


The most important thing to consider when choosing a program at Canine Academy is how involved in the training process you want to be. Private lesson packages involve you every step of the way – teaching you to be a master dog trainer, but also requiring time. Board and train packages bring your dog’s obedience training to the off-leash stage; all that’s left for you to do is practice and maintain your dog’s new obedience skills. 

What is the success rate of positive ecollar training? What results should I expect from your dog training?

Every dog must pass our strict graduation standards prior to completing our intensive dog obedience training. These standards include sit, down, place, off, off-leash walk, come, and waiting at the door, all under high level of distraction. But passing our standards is not enough; our dog trainers also support you over the course of 90 days to continue to improve your skills. Most of our customers say that they get regular compliments on their dog’s obedience when out and about in Columbus, Ohio.