Dog Obedience Training Lewis Center Ohio

Canine Academy, your Columbus Ohio Dog Trainer, services all surrounding areas of Lewis Center, OH. 

Canine Academy is Columbus Ohio’s best dog trainer specializing in positive reinforcement training methodologies. We designed our methods to improve communication between dog and owner, leading to a happier life for both. 

Canine Academy has one standard of excellence, delivered three ways. We offer our basic obedience program with three unique ways to partner with us. We can help you select the program that’s right for you, from a full “board and train” to private dog training classes. We’ll consider your desired level of involvement during the first phase of training, your dog’s personality, your training goals and your budget.

Our Packages

Every dog in our training programs must meet or exceed our training standards. Before, during and after training, we work closely with you to ensure we meet your goals.

Dog Training Packages Include: 


At the end of the training, your dog will have learned basic obedience commands including: 

  • Sit, down, and place (with implied stay) 
  • Come to heel when called 
  • Walking on leash 
  • Walking off-leash with defined radius 
  • “All Done!” (release command) 
  • “Off” with redirect (command to stop unwanted behavior) 
  • Stay in a spot until released 

Dog Training Commitment and Support:

Every dog leaving our board and train, hybrid, or private dog training classes program must achieve a “good” or “excellent” result against our training standards. After the first phase of training is over, you can expect a progress report. During the next 90 days, your trainer will guide you through even more improvement.

Further, our dog behaviorists commit to supporting your dog’s long-term obedience training success. Tuition includes scheduled follow-up appointments to make sure that your new dog training skills transition well to your home life. Finally, our trainers are available for support during scheduled office hours, and welcome all graduates back for free group dog training classes. Your skills will never go stale.

Our Dog Training Methods:

Our dog behaviorist trainers spend a lot of time getting to know what makes your dog tick. Positive reinforcement dog training is about providing consistent reward. Without treats in your pocket, motivating your dog by play and praise – issued the way your dog wants it – makes dog obedience training stick for life.

Beyond identifying the most effective reward for positive reinforcement, our dog trainers also use e collars to provide a very low level stimulus during both commands and praise. Our proprietary Positive E Collar methodology enhances the communication between dog and owner. This enhanced communication builds trust and produces effective training outcomes. We believe that you can teach a dog obedience training without causing the dog any physical pain through an e collar.

Along with your leash, your voice and your nonverbal cues, your e collar is just another tool in your toolbox. But your e collar allows you to communicate with your dog at even longer distances. With your new tool and our dog obedience training methods, you’ll access a level of freedom in nature and in public access.


“I am extremely thankful for the whole staff and especially Biggies trainer Shannon for all of their help training Biggie. He did a 5 day board and stay and I could not be happier with the results. He used to be unbearable to walk and constantly barked and lunged at other dogs through the windows. Now I can walk him without any issues, on a slack leash and not be afraid of him pulling or barking to get at passing by dogs or people. He is so much easier to manage. This has contributed to a way less stressful household. Everyone at the training academy was so nice and good with biggie and made me feel at ease leaving him there. I got constant photos and updates and I could see how happy Biggie was the whole time. He already misses everyone there. Thank you all and thank you Shannon! Biggie misses you! 10/10 would recommend.”

– Brittany Paakanen

“I brought my 1 year old golden retriever for a 5 day board and train. Prior to training, she was anxious, jumping, and nearly impossible to walk due to pulling. I was completely shocked at her progress when I picked her up!

Her trainer was Matt and he was absolutely excellent. He took the time to walk me through commands and gave me feedback on how to help with a few other minor issues at home too. I can’t recommend enough and only wish I would have done it sooner!”

Cory Coffey