Hybrid Program

Training overview

Our Hybrid Training Program introduces your dog to basic commands while getting rid of unwanted behaviors like jumping, leash-pulling, and running through open doors. During this intensive residence program, we treat your pet like family. Your dedicated trainer works 1:1 with your dog daily to teach them basic obedience commands. The Canine Academy Care Team will shower them with walks, playtime, and belly rubs when they are not in training. At the end of the program, you will work with your trainer during a hands-on lesson designed to provide you with the confidence and tools needed to continue reinforcing your dog’s new skills at home. At the end of the week, you will meet with your dedicated trainer to work directly with your dog over the next 5 weeks to hone off-leash skills.

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Recommended for

We recommend this program for any dog that has not had prior obedience training. This class covers a range of basic commands while also removing unwanted behaviors. If you’re not sure which program is right for you, our behavioral assessment is a great place to start. Using information about your dog’s typical behavior and your training goals, our trainers recommend the program that’s right for you.

Skills Learned

In our hyrbid program, your dog will learn the following skills and commands both on and off-leash.

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How it Works

The Canine Academy Positive E Collar training method is broken down into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Pack Your (doggy) Bags and Get Ready to Learn!

Our facility will be your dog’s home away from home while they are in training. During the next 4 days, your dedicated trainer will work hands-on with your pet daily. These lessons will include an introduction to our remote e-collars, and commands. After that they’ll start to learn to resist distractions and hold commands for longer times.

Successful training happens through a repeated sequence of exercise, obedience, and affection. That is how your dog’s days will be structured at our campus. During Phase 1, we give your dog time to acclimate to their new surroundings. They’ll meet their fellow classmates with games of fetch in our large, fenced-in play field. Their first night on campus they will be tired and ready to relax before training begins.

Phase 2: Seek Out Challenges

When you pick your dog up from their stay at our campus, you’ll also begin a short series of private lessons with a dedicated trainer. These three lessons help you sharpen your dog’s skills to graduate to off-leash control. Our training team builds homework assignments specifically to help you improve your dog’s patience and manners.

Phase 3: Practice Makes Perfect 

Ninety days after training, our goal for you and your pup is that all commands are completed successfully 80-90% of the time. When you and your dog achieve this milestone, you graduate from daily use of the e collar, using it only during high adrenaline or high-risk situations, such as off-leash walking.

As an added benefit, you receive:

  • Access to our “Board and Proof” program, which provides your pup with a tune-up on training during a short stay at our facilities. 
  • Lifetime access to our group classes for free!

Commitment & Support

Every dog leaving our hybrid program must achieve a “good” or “excellent” result against our training standards. Your trainer will discuss your dog’s progress at the end of Phase 1 and ensure every dog receives a passing score.  

Part of what makes our results special is the commitment we make to supporting your dog’s long-term success. Our program is designed with scheduled follow-up appointments to make sure that your new skills are transitioning well to your home life. Additionally, our trainers are available for support during scheduled office hours, and welcome all graduates back for free group classes. 

On the rare occasion our 90 day support program hasn’t met your needs, Canine Academy offers a support escalation process to help diagnose and provide solutions to any potential problems. 

Pricing & Enrollment

This package includes a stay at our facilities, three private lessons with a dedicated trainer, access to our training and support library, lifetime group classes, and a remote e-collar you will take home with you. Please contact us for pricing and enrollment dates.